5 tips for buying reconditioned computers on the Internet

Buy reconditioned computers Nowadays it is a good idea if we want to save a good amount of money and obtain a quality product. Fortunately, there is a lot of Web pages that offer this type of products. However, it is convenient to have a series of factors both when choosing a certain web page and when choosing a laptop or desktop restored. Aspects Warranty, store reviews or product status are essential to have a satisfactory shopping experience, and this time we will see five of the most important to choose a good computer restored, refurbished or reconditioned.

Store reviews

One of the most important aspects when looking for a reconditioned second-hand computer is to find a reliable store with good opinions on the Internet. But we do not refer to opinions within the store itself and whose origin is suspicious, but opinions that can be obtained in Google.

In case of the store Outlet PC, your online electronics store, we can see that has more than 600 opinions from real clients and an average of 4.5 stars on the Google Reviews page. Therefore, this website is, in the eyes of Google, a fully reliable store.

Is there a physical store?

Do we not trust a web page or do we want to resort to a physical store in case we have a problem? So the best will be to use a website with physical stores in different locations.

As we see in this case, we find different physical stores available in the Spanish territory, which are useful if we have some kind of problem with the computer in question.

Computer status

After choosing the restored computer store, the next thing we have to do will be, how could it be otherwise, choose the computer in question. Because the restoration process of each web may vary Depending on the store, the most convenient in these cases is to check the status of the restored and reconditioned products.

In the case of the Outlet PC store, we can see the distinctions that are made between liquidations and reconditioned computers. While the former are sold without any kind of tare because they have been discontinued, the last ones have been repaired by the shop itself to ensure its proper functioning, although in some cases they are only incomplete or contain minimal aesthetic damage.

Guarantee and coverage

When we have chosen the desired computer, the next aspect to consider when buying a refurbished computer is see the repair guarantee what he has and what are his coverages.

Again on the Outlet PC website we can see that the guarantee depends on the type of product in question. If the computer comes from a settlement status, The guarantee will be two years, one from the manufacturer and another from the store. In the case of a repaired product, We will have one year warranty, which comes directly from the store.

Price of the computer

And we do not refer to the price of the offer, but to the original price of the computer both on the date of departure and today. Because it is surely a discontinued product, the best thing is to perform a Google search to see the average price of the new computer to calculate the actual discount on the product.

In this case we can see that The original price of the Lenovo Y520-15IKBN was 909 euros, While the Amazon price of the same model can be around 856 euros. The price of it reconditioned gaming computer in Outlet PC is 679 euros, about 177 euros difference.