5 simple steps that can increase the speed of your phone

Do you want your smartphone to go like a rocket? Specialists have taught through BBC Mundo a series of very simple tricks to improve the performance and speed of your phone.

First, you must delete the applications you don't use. This seems very basic, but we all have applications that we have downloaded for one occasion and we leave them there. Of course there are also the apps that come preinstalled on your cell phone and you don't use them, and that in most cases you can uninstall.

The second step is Choose the wallpaper. Opt for a static one and that will probably help, since animated wallpapers tend to make everything go slower.

You must not forget free up space, Above all, delete those photos and files that you downloaded and they stayed there. And if you have a cell phone full of photos and videos that you do not want to get rid of, there is a very simple way to save them without saturating your smartphone: upload them to the cloud, through services such as Apple's iCloud or Google Photos, so you can delete them from the cell phone but access them whenever you want.

The fourth recommendation is to install light versions of applications. This is especially important if you are using a phone with limited memory. Some of the most popular applications, such as Facebook, Messenger or Twitter have light versions (Facebook Lite, Messenger Lite, Twitter Lite). Use them and you will surely notice an improvement in the speed of your phone.

Finally, once you have advanced, disconnect mobile services if you do not use them. This is something very basic but that we all forget. When we stop using services such as WiFi, Bluetooth or GPS, we often forget to disconnect them. Keep in mind that many times it is not possible to disable location services, since many applications need them. But if you really don't need these services, disconnect them. This has an impact not only on speed, but also on the battery life of your phone.