It seems that Chromecast is on everyone's lips this summer, but the truth is that there are not so many people who really know what it is and what this device is used for. Chromecast is a streaming device owned by Google that has been making a dent in the market until it becomes one of the gadgets Reference of recent years.

Since it first came on the market, in 2013, it has become one of the company's products that have sold the most to date. What is it for? Summing up a lot, Chromecast It has the function of broadcasting content from any device – such as a mobile phone, a tablet or a computer, for example – to a television, which does not have to be a smart TV.

Over the years and the success of the device in question, a multitude of programs and applications that maximize their initial functions. Can you imagine that your television could act as a personal trainer? Do you know that Chromecast can work as a photo frame the size of your TV screen and that nothing prevents you from using it in your family meals or meetings with friends?

All apps compatible with Chromecast are in Google Play, but every day they are more and it is easy to get lost a little. Next we are going to talk to you about five Chromecast features that you probably didn't know.


We must recognize that we are all a bit lazy about going to the gym. The developers who work creating content for Chromecast know this and have developed several applications thinking of the laziest ones – yes, we are all in that club.

In the Google Play catalog there are different applications for sports at home. One of the most popular is Fitbit Coach, which offers you exercise tables of varied duration to perform a certain number of days a week – from a weekly session to six, for example -, so that it adapts to both the more sedentary and the most active.


The little friends of the stoves can also count on the help of Chromecast, since this device has in its catalog a multitude of applications and channels that offer videos and cooking tips, it is finished not inviting anyone to eat home for shame!

One of the most popular channels available on Chromecast is ifood.tv, and in it you can find innumerable videos with recipes of all styles: simpler or more elaborate, based on meat or vegetarian, national or more exotic. In short, whatever you want. A very practical trick: you can watch the recipe video on television and the list of ingredients on the mobile.


Have you ever gone to nap on the couch and then have been unable to wake up? Chromecast can help you with that too, since it has an alarm clock function. So that everything goes well you will need an HDMI-CEC connection and the automatic power on function activated.

One of the most popular applications is Wake Me Up Cast, which offers the option of selecting a video that begins to play and sound at the time you indicate. It doesn't have to be your favorite song: you can also opt for a relaxing video, an asmr or any other content with which you would like to wake up from the nap.


Let's agree that reading a novel on the screen, whether it be a computer or a television, is not the most comfortable thing there is, but the same is not true with comics. Modern screens offer image and color quality that can even exceed that of paper. Nostalgic will say that it is not the same, but the truth is that it is quite good.

One of the applications that we liked the most has been Astonishing Comic Reader, which has a very simple interface that gives all the attention to comics. In addition, it allows you to organize your comics in collections or search for other publications related to other works that you have already read and liked.


Chromecast can also work as a console. There are many games compatible with mobile devices or even with computers that have their version for Chromecast or that are directly compatible with this device. Television has always had a very strong connection with video games, so this could not change now!

One of the most common hobbies among gamers of the Google device, however and unfortunately, Chromecast does not allow casino games so it is not possible play roulette live like some gamblers would like However, it is possible to do it with a SmartTV. The truth is that there is no possible comparison between watching the spinning wheel on the tiny screen of a mobile, for example, and watching it on a good television screen.

And you, do you already have a Chromecast device at home? We hope we have discovered some not-so-known features of this device so that you get the most out of it.