5 applications that make running and jogging more …

Running can often seem like a monotonous exercise. There is not much variety, and constant movement hinders your ability to focus on podcasts or audiobooks. Therefore, keeping you entertained while running is not always possible, but applications could change everything.

Fortunately, some developers are trying to bring an element of fun to this activity by playing their career sessions. Here are the best applications that make running more enjoyable.

Zombies, run!

Have you ever fantasized about running for your life in a world invaded by zombies? A game titled Zombies, run! It allows you to experience exactly that. Transform (virtually) the boring routes you know with zombie-ridden trails. Your job is to reserve it until you arrive at the safe house, collecting supplies as you go.

Start by selecting a mission. Each has a different distance and speed. You will have to keep the pace defined to escape. Once you start running, the application will accumulate the emotion through your headphones with radio messages from your team members, storytelling, a dramatic score and zombie screams when you slow down.

As you progress along the route, the application will automatically add supplies scattered along the route to your bag. In addition, you have the option to view your statistics and progress on a map.

Zombies, Run! It's free, but for a monthly fee of $ 6, you can unlock all the stories immediately.

Solidarity miles, applications by and for the human

Charity Miles converts her career miles into cash for a good cause. Track your movement, whether you're running, riding a bike or just taking a walk. Based on the distance traveled, Charity Miles calculates an amount you can donate to one of the 40 charities available. These support a variety of causes, from ALS to cancer.

The application is backed by a series of sponsors, so you don't have to worry about transferring your data in exchange for supporting a charity. In addition, Charity Miles can synchronize its statistics from third-party sources, such as a Fitbit tracker. Charity Miles also has a handful of social tools that allow you to exercise and earn money with your friends.

Charity Miles is a simple way to get the most out of your careers. In addition to burning calories, you can support a cause without spending a penny. And by the way, running is not the only way to earn money for charity.


StepBet is another ingenious application that rewards you for staying active. The application brings the concept of betting to your workouts, but unlike Charity Miles, it requires some contribution. The idea is simple and can even motivate you to run more.

StepBet organizes community-driven competitions with fitness challenges. To participate in them, you have to spend the minimum amount. So the higher the number of participants, the greater the number of prizes.

The boat is divided equally when the challenge expires, and the people who completed the goals are rewarded. However, users who failed to reach the goals have to say goodbye to their betting money. StepBet does not have its own tracking engine. Instead, it is based on third-party sources, such as Google Fit, Samsung Health, Garmin and Fitbit.


Exercise playlists in streaming services like Spotify are not perfectly adapted to everyone's pace. Most of us end up skipping tracks and changing playlists much more frequently than we would prefer.

Enter RockMyRun, an application that understands your personal rhythm and actively tries to adapt the rhythm of music to it. RockMyRun was designed in collaboration with a handful of the best DJs in the industry, such as David Guetta, Zedd, Afrojack and Major Lazer.

You can also specify your goal and the application will update the song depending on the moment you are. Apart from the usual electronic and house playlists, there are a lot of genres that you can choose from as country, pop and rock.

Run An Empire, one of the funniest applications

Run An Empire is a strategy game set in the real world. Your goal is to grow your empire and capture as many territories as you can. And to do that, you'll have to walk or run near them. So in this game, to gain resources and conquer new places, you will have to put on your running shoes and cover them on foot.

As you earn miles, the game rewards you with more labor, warriors, digital coins and other gifts. As Run An Empire is a real-time game, you will have to constantly fight against your neighbors and other players for territories.

You can pair Run An Empire with external fitness accessories and other applications; It even shows a complete set of statistics such as the number of calories you have burned. It is free, but you can increase your level by buying in local currency.