5 alternatives to Rojadirecta to continue watching football

The closing Rojadirecta has left many football fans without being able to see the matches of your team or league favorite. If you do not have sufficient querying an application to view the results, you’re in luck. Despite the closure of the web page more popular in the country, there are still some options. Even there are websites to view the sport live streaming either on your computer, tablet or on your Android smartphone.

With that in mind we have created a list of the five best alternatives to Rojadirecta that you can begin to enjoy from now on. Especially now at the end of the competition when everything is at stake. do you Want to know the alternatives to Rojadirecta?


With your name already makes it clear to us its operation. Redstream is the most similar to Rojadirecta you’re able to find on the web. A look something more modern and in addition Spanish football provides other leagues in the world and also other sports. From basketball to Formula 1, you’re going to find a large number of sports and competitions in this web.


ideal choice for Android users is this. Its design and appearance is quite simple, but it works just as well. There is a high amount of sports and competitions available. Not only football, also tennis, basketball or boxing. A comfortable option designed for devices Android.


This website is page ideal for lovers of football. On this website you’ll find only football. All the leagues of Europe and the world and main competitions (World, european Championship or Champions League) are waiting for you on this page. The temple of sport is without a doubt this option.


This website is still a style very similar to that of the disappeared Rojadirecta. In addition to football, with the main leagues in the world, other sports also have a presence. Especially the rugby and mixed martial arts. Another interesting option, and with a design very similar to the now defunct web.

Pirlo TV Online

it Is very likely that you already know of this option. Is again similar to Rojadirecta. Account with a very simple design, but very functional. Is dedicated mainly football, although there is also the possibility of seeing other sports as football. Another comfortable alternative to take into account.

This is our selection of the five best alternatives to Rojadirecta to be able to watch football online. do you Use any of these websites? What is the best in your opinion?

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