3 tests that you can apply to your smartphone if you suspect it has been hacked

By Diego Barrientos, Udemy instructor and forensic computer expert. If lately your cell phone does not work well and you suffer because you depend on it for your daily life, alert !, it could have been hacked. To find out if that was the case, we share some signals that could indicate a possible hacking and three simple tests you can do at home to find out if that was the case.

Signals such as fast battery consumption on your phone, which gets hotter than usual, that the virtual touchpad does not appear when you want to type, or takes a long time to unfold or disappears for no reason, consumes more data than you usually can, Be some possible alerts that your phone was hacked.

Tests to know if he was hacked.

If any of the above is happening to your cell phone, we recommend the following tests:

one. Although it may seem a rough test, we recommend closing all applications, activate airplane mode, and introduce the equipment to a microwave oven that is connected to the electric current, but without turning it on.

This will help you know if it was intervened, it will try to transmit some signal, but being inside the microwave oven, which creates a Faraday Cage, it will not allow the signal from your mobile to come out, but as this will try to transmit it by raising the power, it It will heat more than usual. If it got very hot, it is an unequivocal sign that he has been intervened and someone else is manipulating him.

2. A cell phone in normal conditions can detect abnormalities in another that presumably has been hacked.

Here you can join two phones, the one that is presumed to have been compromised and one in normal conditions. From the latter, turn on the camera and direct it to the infrared sensor of the first (it is located above the device, usually it has a small red glass, and in some models it is close to the headphone jack); If the camera captures a point or flash of light, it is highly likely that you will have to go to a technician to know with certainty the status of your mobile.

3. Most cell phones have a memory space, in which an SD memory card is usually located, and used to store photos, videos, music or other files.

Close all your applications, go to the settings icon, indicate that you want to remove the card, and if it tells you that you cannot remove it because it is running a process, it is very likely that you will have to get down to work to rescue your phone from possible attackers.

Today you do not need to be famous to be a target of hackers, anyone can happen, be informed and detect such anomalies in your cell phone can help you react before it is too late.